Hanakage~Ochita Mitsuka~: Fate

posted on 23 Jun 2011 22:29 by aiam

 เอาเนื้อร้องเพลง OP Hanakage ภาค 2 มาให้ค่ะ


Genjitsu to gensou no hibi           zen to aku ga mazari au

Nanimo shiranai furi wo                shi te iru kodomo no you ni

Yokubou ya kairaku no                  sekai ashi wo suberaseru

Kurayami no naka de rinkaku      ukabi agaru

Kodoku ni yo biete ita darou       kage ni jibun kasaneru

A ki rame kirenai              akirametai koigokoro

REALI TY kowa  shi  te

Ai no uta kizukeba kuchizusami kanashiku  naru

Nichijou to kiri hanashi tai           bokura no unmei……………………




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